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Alison Blackler

Alison Blackler

I use an extensive range of techniques and skills underpinned by a unique blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming, coaching, clean language coaching and hypnosis. This unique combination gives you an insight into your barriers, frees you of the blockages, an understanding of what is happening to you and then enthuses and inspires you to identify and set achievable goals.  I believe that for you to have the life you want, whether that is work related, relationships, the body you want or overall happiness, something we are all seeking, you need to increase your own self confidence, boost your self esteem, have self respect and self worth.  These are the vital ingredients in creating a fulfilled and happy life.

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Alison's first book, A Path Travelled, will be published in 2018.
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How asking for help is a strength

This quick video is reminder why asking for help is a strength.  We often think that reaching out to others for support is a sign of weakness and not coping and yet the skill is to know when to lean on a friend, family member or may be get professional...

Mindfulness – using outside resources

Here is a quick video explaining how we can be mindful and more aware of our environment which gives us some freedom from our thoughts. This is particularly helpful when we have a lot on our minds and need to have a break from our internal thinking.

The reason behind ‘A Path Travelled’

A quick video to share my story behind the writing of 'The Path Travelled'.  This is my soon to be released book helping us to understand how our minds work, why she behave the way we do and what we can to have make sure we are on our own true path,...

My introduction video

A quick intro video from me.  Getting to know the author behind my book and the person inside this website.  I am passionate about 'sharing the word' and helping everyone to reach their full potential.  Thank you for watching, great to meet you.

Wait! Weight is NOT about Weight!

Weight Loss Takes Investment To change your body shape to your ideal size takes investment – and that isn’t just mean financial. You need to be totally committed to doing things differently and prepared to do anything (almost) to achieve your goals. You also need to...

Published Articles

Employee engagement is the key

How external events affect our emotions – and how we can take back control

In this article I explain how national tragedies, and everyday ups and downs, can impact on our wellbeing.

You can be like the sporting champions if you visualise your own success

In this article I explain the powerful mental tool of visualisation and how it can help you reach your goals